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David's Christmas list from Milan...!

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David's Christmas list from Milan...!

It’s not often you go to an exhibition and leave wishing you had more time to spend looking around the halls at the exhibits to make sure you haven’t missed anything! The sheer size of the EICMA motorcycle show means that one day in Milan is not enough. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have two days exploring the latest offerings and watching the launches of some of the hottest bikes for 2014.

Spread across six halls of the Fiera exhibition site in Milan, each hall is bursting with impressive displays of bikes, accessories, clothing or associated motorcycling equipment. So, whether you wanted to check out the latest models, see the most recent helmet colours, try out the hot new gadgets or find out what everyone will be wearing next year, EICMA has got the lot. In fact, it was like a gigantic sweet shop for motorcyclists, full of exciting shiny things everyone wants to take home and try.

Day one saw our client Triumph launch six new bikes to a packed audience of journalists and members of the industry. The five new cruisers and special edition Adventure bike were met with applause and great interest. However, the announcement by Triumph of its plans to once again enter the sub-500cc market in the next couple of years really got the crowd excited.

The first day of the show witnessed some exciting models being launched by all of the major manufacturers, which is great news for the industry as a whole and hopefully will inspire more people out on the road on two wheels in 2014. Actually, the launches continued into day two; however my focus on day two was trying to visit the stands I didn’t get to during day one. In fact, even after two days of the show, I still didn’t get to see all of what was on display and I am looking forward to Motorcycle Live at the NEC at the end of November to catch anything I missed.

A truly impressive show, the motorcycle industry is developing some exciting new models and equipment that will hopefully encourage more people to venture out on the roads in the UK. I know for sure that my Christmas list is now a lot longer after my visit to Milan!

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