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Plot, plan, prepare and then don't panic!

Posted on by Faye

It’s the calm after the storm here in Prova HQ. The Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) Low Carbon Racing Conference and the Autosport International Show took place last week and the Prova team was busy representing four clients and itself for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the show, no simple task let me tell you.

With months of planning, arranging interviews, booking exhibition stands, liaising with clients and offering tasty morsels of information to media in an attempt to secure their attendance at the respective shows, the day before the show we were ready and raring to go. Then, all of a sudden, last minute tweaks to press packs need to be made when thirty copies are already sat waiting to be delivered to site, media decide they can’t make it or, even scarier, decide they will and that they need twenty pictures, a release and to organise four interviews. It’s a daunting task but the buzz you get from hitting the ground running and getting things sorted is worth it!

It’s a scary and exciting time, the last couple of days before a big event. You have to think of all the eventualities, good and bad, and ensure that you have plans B, C, D and E at the ready, just in case. It’s exciting too because all those weeks of hard work are about to come to fruition and you wait with baited breath to see it all come together, everything happen as it should and crisis’ averted or dealt with. Most importantly you hope that at the end of the day, when the dust settles and the stands start to get packed away, that your clients are happy; that’s what we are here for after all.

You can plot, plan and prepare in advance and have everything organised pre-event but during the event you have to just ‘go with the flow’, take things as they come and as long as you have done all the preparation you can do, have accounted for issues and most importantly you don’t panic, you will probably come out the other side in one piece. Working as a team, consistently talking to each other and having clear visibility on your plans during an event can really help too. Supporting one another and being prepared to throw yourself in to all sorts of jobs, big or small (ironing curtains anyone?), you will do ok.

Prova clients that took part in the shows have gained more than 45 pieces of coverage to date, in countries such as Thailand, Russia, Germany, America, Italy and Spain, as well as at home. Collectively, clients took part in 32 interviews throughout the shows and have ten more pending as a result of participating. Not too bad we think! Maybe you can’t ever be entirely ready, inevitably an event will always be challenging. You can, however, prepare as much as possible, roll with the punches and come out victorious at the end with lessons learnt and an idea of how to do even better next time. Roll on Autosport 2014!

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