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Hales vs Piper - and a sense of perspective

Posted on by Richard

It’s been my privilege to share dinner tables, race tracks and paddocks with the key players in the Hales vs Piper court case that has finally reached a conclusion this week. That is not said as a boast – merely to paint a picture of the small world that is historic motorsport and to preface the fact that it’s a sorry day when what started off as a gentleman’s agreement ends up in the High Court....

A crisis of trust?

Posted on by Aimee

Every year, for the past 13 years, Edelman Group has conducted research into the level of trust people have in their governments, media and businesses. And, every year, the results make for interesting reading....

The Times, They Are a-Changing….for HMV

Posted on by St John

The Times, They Are a-Changing….for HMV

While I would never purport to be a massive fan of Bob Dylan, his 1964 song sums up where UK retailing is right now. The recent demise of HMV has been a sobering moment for all music lovers, whether your tastes include Chopin, The Beatles, Count Basie or Girls Aloud. The point is, the way we consume music - and other products for that matter - is changing fundamentally. And such radical change is having a huge effect on the high street, which continues to bear the brunt of painful ‘retail realignment’....

Plot, plan, prepare and then don't panic!

Posted on by Faye

It’s the calm after the storm here in Prova HQ. The Motorsport Industry Association’s (MIA) Low Carbon Racing Conference and the Autosport International Show took place last week and the Prova team was busy representing four clients and itself for the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of the show, no simple task let me tell you....

No time for January blues, it’s Prova red!

Posted on by Sarah

Christmas and New Year feel like a distant memory now, little reminders dotted around the office; a cracker hat, a wilted poinsettia and oh yeah a couple of pounds I need to shift (who brought all that pre Christmas baking into the office? Oh yeah it was me). There has been no time for January blues in the Prova offices, it’s been go go go – ease into the New Year? Oh no! There is no rest for the wicked. So, with three days under our slightly tighter belts, it’s Autosport International time....

Brilliant Insight

Posted on by Prova

When I first came to Prova on the 2nd January I was unsure of what to expect. Overall, ‘unsure’ would sum up my general attitude towards my future career at this time. I had done work experience before at a newspaper and had spent the majority of the week twiddling my thumbs. I didn’t feel as if I had accomplished much apart from an extra name on my CV. When I turned up to Prova, on their first day back after Christmas, I had a bad feeling that things could be similar- how wrong I was about to be!...

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