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A photographer's view of Prova

Posted on by Prova

As part of my degree at the University of Worcester, I was given the opportunity to take part in a week’s work experience. As a student of Journalism and English, my passion is for researching different kinds of news stories and writing them up in an interesting way. I am also a keen photographer. This is a competitive industry and, after months of not hearing back from different news organisations, I came across Prova PR. I can quite happily say my time here has been very enjoyable and most of all very educational....

World to blow its carbon budget by 2034

Posted on by Rebecca

A new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers has predicted that the world is set to use its allocated carbon budget for the whole century by just 2034. While investment in cleantech technologies is delivering positive results and reducing the growth in carbon emission it is not at a fast enough rate. Indeed, at 0.7 per cent, the rate of decarbonisation is far below the six per cent annual average reduction in carbon intensity PwC calculates is needed from now until 2100 in order to maintain economic growth without exceeding 2ºC of global warming - the agreed international target for avoiding "dangerous" climate...

Energy dominates the headlines

Posted on by Rebecca

Last autumn was a turbulent time for the energy sector, not to mention its customers. With the majority of the ‘big six’ announcing inflation-busting price hikes of around 10 per cent and the subsequent publication of ever increasing profit margins, it is safe to say that the energy sector’s popularity is at rock bottom....

Boosting recycling rates requires positive engagement

Posted on by Rebecca

Recycling rates across the UK have begun to plateau at around 50 per cent of the waste produced by households. This has started alarm bells ringing within the sector and government bodies; meanwhile you just have to read comments on stories in the national newspapers around recycling to see the apathy and mistrust that exists....

Roadmap to zero food waste

Posted on by Rebecca

Roadmap to zero food waste

The 11th November 2013 saw the launch of ReFood’s UK roadmap to zero food waste to landfill, the culmination of more than two years’ work into how the UK can overcome the existing challenges to eradicate food waste from landfill....

London Gateway, opening the door for UK logistics

Posted on by St John

In late 2013, the London Gateway, the UK’s newest deep sea container port, received its first vessel. The new £1.5 billion development, which opened 7th November 2013, welcomed the MOL Caledon, a 58,000-tonne container ship, laden with fruit and wine from South Africa....

Out of this world... PR, but not as we know it!

Posted on by Prova

PR has been a word that I had heard in the past, thrown around throughout my university degree, and before. But the explanation and process of what a person who works in PR actually does has been something that has eluded me for some time....

Prova takes home media relations award

Posted on by Aimee

Prova takes home media relations award

The Prova team is celebrating after taking home an award for best media relations at the national Fresh PR Awards 2013, which took place in Manchester on Wednesday 25th September....

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