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Pilates, curry – oh, and a bit of PR!

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It’s common to get ‘first day nerves’ before the start of a work placement. I have to admit, as I looked up upon 7 Church Street on a sunny Monday morning, my heart was beating faster than normal....

Not quite 'Sex in the City' but I loved it nonetheless

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My first introduction to Public Relations as a profession was from watching Samantha in Sex and the City. Of course, I understood even then that the real-life equivalent was probably not half as glamorous - more hours slaving at the computer and less hours drinking Cosmopolitans - but the job was still ever so appealing. It was always the dream job in the back of my mind - busy, challenging and varied....

When I grow up...

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When I was younger, I was never a “when I grow up, I want to be an astronaut” child who had a future career all mapped out, or even one accustomed to change on a weekly basis. My father always told me not to worry about it: “do what you enjoy, not what you’re good at” he would say. So I did: throughout secondary school, and on through university, I continued to pick subjects and modules that I liked, never really worrying about what future I was carving in the process....

A photographer's view of Prova

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As part of my degree at the University of Worcester, I was given the opportunity to take part in a week’s work experience. As a student of Journalism and English, my passion is for researching different kinds of news stories and writing them up in an interesting way. I am also a keen photographer. This is a competitive industry and, after months of not hearing back from different news organisations, I came across Prova PR. I can quite happily say my time here has been very enjoyable and most of all very educational....

Probably the best partnership in the world!

Posted on by Aimee

Probably the best partnership in the world!

Prova client and Europe’s second largest pallet pooler, LPR, has been appointed by Carlsberg UK to solely manage the pallet movements for all of its brands, including Carlsberg, San Miguel, Tetley’s and Holsten Pils....

London Gateway, opening the door for UK logistics

Posted on by St John

In late 2013, the London Gateway, the UK’s newest deep sea container port, received its first vessel. The new £1.5 billion development, which opened 7th November 2013, welcomed the MOL Caledon, a 58,000-tonne container ship, laden with fruit and wine from South Africa....

The onward march of 'click and collect'

Posted on by St John

According to British Retail Consortium (BRC) figures, a record amount of online shopping was undertaken in December 2013. Close to one in five non-food items was bought online last month, while there was also a 19.2% growth in internet purchases compared to the same period a year earlier....

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