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Public Relations in Practice...

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Former Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson once famously declared that, during a back-room lobby meeting in late 1964, ‘a week is a long time in Politics…’. For me, this has undoubtedly been proved true for PR too - after my time with Warwick-based firm Prova. It is truly remarkable what you can learn in such a short space of time!...

Experiencing RWM

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Last week, the NEC in Birmingham held Europe’s premier recycling and waste management event, RWM....

What do you want to be when you grow up?

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First it was a policeman, then the army, then a vet; now all these potential jobs have been crossed off my list for various reasons and I am left with very little idea what direction I would like my career to take....

Back Again!

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My week at Prova gave me a brilliant insight into the industry and made me want to learn more about PR. Therefore, when I decided to look for more work experience this summer, I found the process much easier as I knew I wanted another taste of the ‘Prova Experience’....

'The Prova Effect'

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Go to university, graduate, get a job; the plan was pretty simple. However, after nearly a year graduated and having seemingly devoted the last six months of my life to the joys of unreturned emails and if lucky, the occasional ‘out of office’ auto reply, I realised it was time for a change of approach. Out with traditional, paid employment, and in with the unspoken, elephant in the room – an unpaid internship....

A snapper's confidence

Posted on by Meg

I finished my photography degree at the University of Portsmouth with an optimistic feeling that I would find the perfect job in press photography in order to use my new set of skills. However, seven months down the line, that sense of hope was fading away as I kept finding I needed more experience....

Brilliant Insight

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When I first came to Prova on the 2nd January I was unsure of what to expect. Overall, ‘unsure’ would sum up my general attitude towards my future career at this time. I had done work experience before at a newspaper and had spent the majority of the week twiddling my thumbs. I didn’t feel as if I had accomplished much apart from an extra name on my CV. When I turned up to Prova, on their first day back after Christmas, I had a bad feeling that things could be similar- how wrong I was about to be!...

Sibling rivalry: PR's arms vs. journalism's legs...

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Journalism was always the degree I wanted to have, but never the career. As a current undergraduate journalism student, I’ve spent the week before Christmas working with the team at Prova PR. Ending my semester as a journalist and then immediately walking into a PR office has been a little like stepping out of a hot tub in the middle of winter....

Bribery, Christmas cards and a future career

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Like most students and recent graduates, I’m all too aware of the importance of work experience. However, that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to walk into a company where every single member of the staff is already at the professional standard you hope to emulate one day. Therefore, when I walked in to the office, it didn’t come as a surprise that I instinctively pulled out my old party trick of freezing up and panicking as soon as anyone is nice enough to want to get to know me a bit. Despite my initial nerves, the team took me...

From Penkridge to motorsport, via Warwick

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I imagine the thought of finding an internship is something that fills most students with dread – and it definitely fazed me. A lot of university courses require the completion of a placement, which, for people who’ve never had any true industry experience, is a pretty daunting undertaking. My journalism course at Worcester is one of them....

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